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Top 5 Forex Demo Trading Contests in the World


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Min. Deposit: 100 USD

Regulated: NFA, CFTC

Broker Type: ECN, STP


Min.Deposit: $100

Regulated: CySEC

Broker Type: ECN, STP


Min.Deposit: $1

Regulated: ASIC, IFSC

Broker Type: ECN, STP


Min.Deposit: 1 USD

Regulated: FSA, CySEC

Broker Type: STP

What is Forex Demo trading and contest?

Forex demo trading is the platform where newbie traders can practice real-time trading without investing money from their own pocket. So, a demo trading contest is simply a competition for newbie traders. A lot of brokers are arranging demo forex trading contests for demo traders.  Here are the top best 5 Forex demo trading contests.



OctaFX has been launched the Champion MT4 demo monthly contest for demo traders. The Contest announced with total prize money of $1000. After ending each month OctaFX will announce 5 winners. The participants who will have the highest amount of balance in his/her account after ending the round will be declared winners. The first winner will get $500, 2nd place will get $300,  3rd place will get $100, 4th and 5th place taker will get $60 and $40.


FBS League Forex Demo Contest

The broker FBS has also arranged a regular Forex demo contest for newbies. FBS has been announced as FBS League for demo traders and there will be 5 winners on each session. The champion will get $450, 2nd place $250, 3rd place $150 4th place $100, and 5th place winner will get $50. Each participant will get a $10,000 amount of balance while they start the contest.


HotForex Virtual to Real Demo Contest

HotForex has been launched a Virtual to real Forex Demo contest for all newbie traders. This incredible demo contest launched with amazing prize money. Hotforex announced there will be 3 winners from the contest and the prize is divided into three winners as $2000 for first place, $1000 for 2nd place, and $500 for 3rd place. Join the contest today and win a prize to bright your future.


LeoPrime Demo Arena Contest

LeoPrime broker announced Demo Arena forex contest for demo traders. All participants will start the contest with a $5000 USD initial balance. There will be 10 winners and the first 3 place taker will be eligible to withdraw the prize money without any rules. But the other 7 winners can’t withdraw the prizes, the 4th to 10th place winner will get the prize in a live trading account.


RoboForex Demo Contest

There is a running demo contest all the time for the demo traders from Roboforex. The website contestfx.com is operating the contest. Each round there are 10 winners awarding with the prize. The first winner is getting $700, $550, $420 for second and third place. The contest’s total prize money of $3000 will be distributed to the winners.

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