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The History and Future of Forex Trading

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History of Currencies

At the beginning of the currencies, foreign exchange or trading was carried by giant international companies because they were needed various foreign currencies for global business. Therefore, most of the companies were trading globally with multiple currencies.

You will be surprised to know that the first foreign exchanging market was founded in Amsterdam. The first exchanging market was started a long time ago, almost 500 years before today. The market was very effective for the people for a long time because it helped stabilize the currency exchange rates. Amsterdam was the initiate for the whole world for currency trading.

Almost 240 years ago, at the nearest of 1875, the Gold standard was introduced to us. As the Gold standard, a country was limited to only minting as much as national Gold held in reserves. The Gold Standard was the value of a currency; no countries were allowed to supply different currencies against their national reserves Golds. In these times, banks were obliged to provide the same amount of Gold against a currency note. It was the guarantee of the value for a normal currency note or coin. But this system was robbed by the most powerful countries. After the First World War, all countries had to print more money to finance their expenses; that’s why Gold Standard was lost. And finally, normal currency was stared its journey as standard by governments.

Today everybody knows that what Forex market is and how big it is. The foreign exchange or trading market is the largest liquid currency market until today; almost $5 trillion currencies are trading by traders in a single day. You will be glad to know that, day by day, the market is expanding itself to the public. Anyone can earn money by trading in the market by working at their reasonable time in 24/5 in a week. It is a very good option for us to make money from home.

So, who is involved in FX Trading?

You must hear about the international banks, like SAXO, Federal Reserve’s Bank Etc. In the forex market, most of the international banks and other financial institutions are involved. In the forex market, financial institutions are making bridges between buyers and sellers. Nowadays, it’s very easy to kick start a live forex trading career with a small amount of investment. You will be surprised to know that you can start with even $1/$5 with a broker, which is the key to getting more popularity in forex trading.

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