• Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Binary.com is rebranding to Deriv.com, Find everything you need to know

You may have heard about the exciting changes coming to Binary.com. Yes, we are rebranding to Deriv.com as part of our renewed commitment to making online trading effortless and accessible to everyone.

Deriv.com We know you may have some questions about these changes, so here are answers to help you understand what this rebranding means for you.

1. Why are you rebranding? Our new name and platforms are in line with our vision to provide you with outstanding services and a broader range of products. We’re excited about this new journey, and we hope you are too.

2. Is Binary.com being bought by another company? No, Deriv.com is built, owned, and managed by the same team behind Binary.com. We like to think of Deriv.com as the next step in the evolution of our company. We have taken lessons from 20 years of experience to create platforms that are simple, flexible, and reliable.

3. Are you going to close down Binary.com? Binary.com will still be around for a while. In due time, we will phase out Binary.com. However, your accounts, funds, and everything you have on Binary.com will be available and accessible on Deriv.com.

4. Can I still trade on Binary.com? For now, yes! But we recommend trying out Deriv.com as we’re working on moving all our trading operations to Deriv.com and phasing out Binary.com. All your favourite features are available on Deriv.com; plus, your account details, funds, and custom settings on Binary.com will be available on Deriv.com once you log in with your Binary.com credentials.

5. What are some of the benefits of Deriv.com? Deriv.com gives you more trading options in an environment that is both modern and intuitive. Other benefits include: Platform design improvements based on user behaviour analysis An extensive range of options/products, with more planned for the future Enhanced integration between our platforms, tools, features, and resources

6. Does Deriv.com have a demo account? Yes! Once you sign up to Deriv.com, you are automatically given access to a demo account with 10,000 USD to try our platforms and products.

7. What will happen to the funds in my Binary.com account? Your funds will be reflected in both your Binary.com and Deriv accounts because they are essentially the same account. This means that if you make a deposit, withdrawal, or trade on your Binary.com account, the balance you have will be the same both on Binary.com and on Deriv.com.

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Is Deriv.com regulated/registered/licensed?

8.Yes. Deriv.com and Binary.com are owned by the same group, which is licensed and regulated in many jurisdictions around the world. 9. How much is the minimum deposit? The minimum deposit amounts on Deriv.com are the same as Binary.com. They vary depending on the payment method of your choice.

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