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2015 CASH Rebate OFFER | IronFx

2015 CASH Rebate OFFER by IronFX Global as to reward investors continued trading loyalty by offering a Cash Rebate to its clients. Cash Rebate account holders will have access to all of the Trading Instruments available offered by IronFX Global, including forex, spot metals, stocks, and futures.

2015 CASH Rebate OFFER

2015 CASH Rebate OFFER

Joining Link: Promotion Expired!  More Forex No Deposit Bonus $200

Ending Date: All year of 2015

Offer is Applicable: New and Existing Clients

How to Apply: Make an account and deposit it to get the rebate on every lot you trade!

Terms & Conditions – IronFx

To participate in this Program, the Client needs to email his Client Portal’s username to IronFX Global at promotions@ironfx.com with a Subject “Cash Rebate Program” and receive the Cash Rebate as long as all requirements set in this term and conditions are met.

The promotional run one calendar month from the date that the Client’s 1st deposit is credited into the Client’s trading account unless the Program is removed or withdrawn by IronFX Global.

For a Client to be eligible to receive Bonus, he must maintain a trading Account for at least one (1) month after the initial deposit. The Cash Rebate bonus is not applicable to STP/ECN accounts.

The Cash Rebate will be limited to one account per account holder. The Client will be eligible to receive the Cash Rebate within five business dates from the end of the promotional period, which will be one calendar month from the time the Client notifies IronFX Global as per clause

At the end of each Client’s promotional period, IronFX Global will calculate the total volume of round turn lot traded and apply the Cash Rebate as per below table:

The maximum amount payable under the Cash Rebate Program is USD 3,000 or equivalent per client

 Rebate Calculations:-

Round Turn Lot Traded    –          CashBack Reward

From 1 lot – 199 lots                           USD 2.0 per lot

From 200 lots – 499 lots                   USD 2.5 per lot

Over 500 lots*                                     USD 3.0 per lot*

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